Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, President PML-N – Profile



Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif son of (late) Mian Muhammad Sharif belongs to an eminent business family. He is a graduate of Government College, Lahore and has had a distinguished career in practical politics that spans over four decades. His career in public service began as President, Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry in 1985; where after he joined active politics following his elder brother Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. He was first elected to Punjab Assembly in 1988. This term ended prematurely in 1990 when the Assembly was dissolved. Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif was elected to Pakistan’s National Assembly during 1990-93, and then to Punjab Assembly in 1993 when he served as Leader of the Opposition till 1996. He became Member of Punjab Assembly for the third time in 1997 and was also elected as Chief Minister. The tenure of this Assembly was cut short in 1999 following a military coup, when his government, along with PML-N government at the centre was toppled. He was imprisoned and later sent into forced exile.


He was also elected president of PML-N twice in the past (2002 and 2006). Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif played a leading role in the restoration of democracy in Pakistan and was elected unopposed as Member Punjab Assembly for the fourth term in 2008, also serving as Punjab’s Chief Minister for the second time from June 8, 2008 to March 26, 2013. In the general elections of May 2013, his party PML-N swept into power in Punjab with a thumping mandate. He won three Provincial Assembly seats (PP-159, PP-161 & PP-247) and one National Assembly seat (NA-129); however, he opted to retain PP-159. Subsequently, he was elected as Chief Minister Punjab for the record third time.


Considered a workaholic, Shahbaz liked to term himself Khadim-i-Aala (chief servant) rather than chief minister. He is a dynamic and visionary political leader best known for his strong and efficient administration. He is respected across the globe for his ‘Can Do’ attitude. In the general elections of July 2018, President PML-N won one National Assembly seat from NA-132 and two from Provincial Assembly (PP-164 and 165) which he vacated and become Opposition Leader in the National Assembly.


Shehbaz Sharif - As a personality


Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, President of Pakistan’s most beloved and Punjab's biggest political party, the most vigilant Chief Minister of all times whose ubiquitous leadership made Pakistan’s most populous province, Punjab; the most prosperous. A leader who will not let political rhetoric deviate his vision, who will not let crisis consume his development, and will not allow his health be an obstacle to reach those in need. Mr. Sharif’s strong vision to promote justice, equality and quality of life for all, irrespective of class, caste, gender and place, carries the promise that every citizen of Pakistan lives a life of dignity and contributes to the prosperity of Pakistan and the international community.


The former US’ Consulate General, Zachary Harkenrider, who worked closely with Mr. Sharif in Punjab, called him the personification of both the vision and the ability to deliver that vision in practical form. 


Renowned British educationist, Sir Michael Barber, termed the President PML-N as ‘an inspiration for the world’. He also termed the province governed by Mr. Shehbaz Sharif between 2008 and 2018 as number one in health and education reforms in the entire world.        


As a progressive leader he empowered his teams to make data driven public policy, monitor and evaluate progress and apply lessons from constructive critiques. But most importantly, he is the kind of leader who believes in delivering to the masses.




  1. “Punjab reforming its schools at exemplary pace” (Economist, 2018)
  2. “Punjab Speed faster than Shenzhen speed” (Chinese Investors)
  3. “Achievements make [Punjab]... one of the leading education reforms anywhere in the world with 55 thousands of government schools and 40 thousand low- cost private schools. It’s a tremendous achievement” (Sir. Michael Barber)
  4. “Land Record Management Information System (LRMIS) has brought a revolutionary change to the lives of landowners in rural Punjab” (World Bank)
  5. “He is a dynamic political leader known for his strong and efficient administration, better health facilities, education reforms and uplift for the masses” (India Today)
  6. “Shehbaz is currently in his third term as Chief Minister of Punjab. Widely described as a workaholic, he is seen as a better administrator and a doer” (Hindustan Times)
  7. “Even his socks are vibrant – he will wear colorful striped socks even when formally dressed” (New York Times)
  8. “He has controlled Punjab for much of last decade, presiding over a series of big ticket infrastructure projects, including Pakistan’s first metro bus service” (FirstPost)
  9. “He can bulldoze through Pakistan’s usually ponderous bureaucracy and complete infrastructure projects in record time" (Bloomberg)
  10. “The Whatsapp enforcer” (Reuters)


Under the unrivalled leadership of President PML-N Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif Punjab, Punjab in the last decade made unprecedented progress in both social and economic spheres. As leader of Pakistan's one of the major political parties and Punjab's biggest political party, he brought these revolutions during his term in the Office of the Chief Minister; 




To answer the plight of those most vulnerable, during his term in office of the Chief Minister, President PML-N went the extra mile to invest in healthcare services of Punjab.


  1. Today, 86% of all patients in Punjab receive free medication. 5000 doctors have entered the Punjab health workforce and are trained in over 511 post graduate specialties in medicine.


  1. 525% increase in budget since 2008


  1. Increase in skilled birth attendance from 64.7% (2014) to 78.7% (2018)


  1. Increase in percentage of fully immunized children between 12-23 months from 62.3% (2014) to 84% (2018)


  1. For taking better care of patients, 4,200 beds have been added to the existing infrastructure of tertiary hospitals.


  1. Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif's iron will to reach those in remote and disadvantaged areas of Punjab has led to a 400% increase in basic health units fully operational with qualified doctors


  1. From 200 units in 2013 to 1000 to date, these units provide free healthcare to local communities.


  1. Along with PKR 20 Billion invested in the state of the art Pakistan Kidney and Liver institute, 100 hepatitis clinics, 40 mobile health units, 4 burn centers and 5 drug testing laboratories have been set up to international standards- a testament of how the Punjab government, under the leadership of the then Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, affirmed its adamant commitment to respond to the needs of the people.




The President PML-N envisions a Pakistan with a high performing human resource where all contributing members are highly skilled and educated. To strengthen the province he governed for a decade, Shehbaz Sharif taken up education as a priority area for the Government he administered in Punjab.


  1. It is this reason that today Punjab’s education budget accounts for PKR 345B which is a 500% increase from 2010


  1. During his tenure, government increasingly focused on providing quality education as reflected by the establishment of 16 Daanish Schools giving Aitchison-standard education to ~10,000 students from underprivileged families and the highly appreciated textbooks reforms of Punjab government.


  1. To promote female access to education, more than 500,000 secondary-age female students in 16 Southern districts were given stipends under The Khadim-e-Punjab Zevar-e-Taleem Program.


  1. Cognizant of the cultural and conservative barriers to girls’ education, the government ensured adequate facilities in schools.
  2. Today 99% of all government schools have access to drinking water and clean toilets for girls and boys.


  1. Establishment of 10,000 Early Childhood Classrooms to increase early grade enrolment since 2016-2017


  1. Over 7400 dangerous schools reconstructed at a cost of PKR 26.6B since 2014


  1. Over 50M free textbooks provided to students in public and PEF schools every year


  1. 89000+ children from brick kilns enrolled in schools


  1. The Economist called Education Reforms as the “Most Frenetic Reforms in the World” as the province led by President PMLN reformed its schools at a pace rarely seen anywhere in the world.


Tax Reforms


  1. Under the leadership of Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif Tax collection of Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) registered an increase of 293%  while Federal Government also doubled tax revenues from 1946.4B (2012-13) to 3367.9B (2016-17)  




  1. PKR 682B major savings through transparent and efficient public procurements in mega projects


  1. PKR 8.5B recovered due to reforms introduced in the Anti-corruption establishment


  1. Right to information act; Punjab Economic Report, Annual Reports, Punjab Economic Forum; Budgetary Transparency tools


  1. An open media policy has resulted in increased transparency and active social media engagement


  1. Quarterly stocktakes in Health, Education, Water and Sanitation are held in the presence of international organizations


  1. Over 300,000 teachers recruited purely on merit (since 2011)




  1. Under the leadership of Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, the province attracted a total investment of $5.34B. Provincial government led by him, Punjab successfully eliminated the acute power shortage and contributed to national grid - China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a game changer in this regard.


Growth and Development 


  1. During his term, province witnessed an increase in GDP Growth Rate from 1.1% in 2008 to ~5.2% in 2016


  1. 230% Increase in development budget


  1. Development budget of PKR 133,000 per person in the province governed by the then Chief Minister, who's currently leader of the opposition.




  1. 4M jobs created


  1. PKR 37B revolving loan amount for 1.8M beneficiaries (47% women)


  1. 76B lent in Micro-finance initiative like E- Credit (Agriculture) and CM Self Employment (Akhuwat) launched by President PML-N


  1. 300,000 recipients of lending E- Credit (default rate of less than 5%) and 1,877,000 beneficiaries of CM Self Employment Scheme (default rate of less than 0.01%)


  1. PSDF: 260,000 trained (90,000 females); 52% males and 32% females employed (since 2011)  TEVTA & PVTC: 2.3 million in last 8 years




  1. 12M + Tourists visited TDCP resorts and events


  1. Revenue of PKR 55M through Heritage Tourism


  1. Digitization of Archives and Records




  1. Under the leadership of President PML-N, national agriculture sector recorded a remarkable growth rate of 3.81% in 2017-18 which is the highest in last 13 years


  1. PKR 3.2 trillion disbursed as agriculture loans in last 8 years


  1. 15 small dams completed and 11 under construction irrigating 167,700 acres


  1. Increase in yield in last 8 years (Sugarcane 41%; Wheat 15; Maize 36%; Rice 8%; Cotton 5%)  Increase in exports in last 8 years (Rice 50%; Fruit 113%; Vegetables 6%; Oil seed, nut, and kernel 27%)


  1. 20,000 tractors provided on subsidized price


  1. 3 million benefitting from 5,000 km of canals concrete lined for water conservation


Strengthening Federation


  1. Equitable and formula based Provincial Finance Commission award only in Punjab with higher share for Southern districts


  1. 72 Education & Health authorities established


  1. 229 local government for local infrastructure for PKR 13B





  1. 70% reduction in pollution generated by environmentally friendly brick kiln


  1. Climate Change Policy 2016


  1. Institutional strengthening of Environment Department


  1. Six continuous online Air Ambient Monitory Stations


Justice and Security 


  1. President PML-N established South Asia’s most modern forensic laboratory in the Punjab Forensic Science Agency situated in Lahore


  1. Shehbaz Sharif led province in the implementation of the National Action Plan as reflected by: 0 sectarian terrorism incidents in last 2 years o 4,700 intelligence based operations; o 105 terrorists plans prevented; o 10,000 personnel trained for protection of Foreigners and CPEC projects at the Special Protection Unit o 900,000 arm licenses digitized o 13,832 Madaris; 64,000 Mosques and 3,700 minority worship places tagged o 600+ Dolphins / PRU for Lahore and another 2,200 by June, 2018 o Model courts in 4 districts for speedy decisions o Alternate dispute resolution centers established in all district courts  o Dedicated public prosecutors with CTD investigators in all 18 courts o 1,000 prosecutors trained (118 in USA, Italy, Thailand and UK)


Women Empowerment 


  1. Punjab Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) established in February 2014 for promotion of women rights


  1. Protection of Violence against Women Act 2016


  1. Women Protection Authority established


  1. The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 2016, Anti Honor Crimes Act


  1. The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 2016, Anti Rape Act


  1. 65,000 women received support through the 24/7 helpline


  1. 102 daycares established in Punjab



  1. 130,000 girls provided scholarships through PEEF


  1. 500,000 school girl beneficiaries of the PKR 1,000/month stipend


  1. 145,000 women protected in Dar-ul-Aman


  1. Exclusive help desk for women in 75% police stations


  1. 120,000 women beneficiaries from Partition of Joint Holdings


  1. 39,000 nikkah registrars trained




  1. PKR 84.5B spent on constructing 8,044 rural roads


  1. 14,000 km roads rehabilitated


  1. 253 major bridges constructed


  1. 17 flyovers built


  1. 4M commuters/day in Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi in mass transport


  1. 100,000 commuters/day served in Lahore and Multan through feeder bus system


  1. Orange Line train constructed over 27 km




  1. Punjab added 5,353 MW post 2013 to the national grid by initiating energy projects like Sahiwal Coal Power Project, Quaid-e-Azam Thermal Power Plant RLNG Bhikki, Balloki Gas based plant, Quaid-e-Azam solar power plant, Haveli Bahadur Shah gas plant


  1. Punjab Thermal Single Phase of 1,250 MW due in December, 2018




  1. 2M citizens in 1,075 villages provided water supply


  1. 26M citizens would be provided clean drinking water by Punjab Saaf Pani




  1. 6M citizens getting clean water from 2,428 filtration plants


  1. Safe drinking water treatment plant at a cost of PKR 6B in Faisalabad


  1. 1,625 km outlived water pipes replaced in 5 major cities


  1. 1,216 km of new pipelines laid


  1. 682 new tube wells installed


  1. 1,574 dysfunctional rural water schemes rehabilitated with PKR 24B


  1. Water quality testing laboratory established in each district


  1. All water facilities are expected to have auto chlorinators by end June 2018




  1. 5M citizens have better drains and pavements through 3,170 schemes


  1. 3,821 union councils covered in first ever Saaf Dehat Program in 2017/18 at a cost of PKR 9B


  1. Solid waste management companies cleaning 7 largest cities  116,200 UNICEF certified toilets constructed


Social Protection


  1. 785,000 beneficiaries through various Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA) initiatives


  1. Increased coverage of Khidmat Card from 75k to 125k with disabilities, with a monthly allowance of PKR 1500


  1. Increase in employment quota from 2% to 3% for disabled persons


  1. Increase in employment quota from 2% to 5% for minorities


  1. Increase in disabled children enrolled from 16,700 to 34,500


  1. Increase in minimum wage from PKR 4,600 to PKR 15,000


  1. PKR 24 B zakat funds disbursed among 2.4 M beneficiaries  50,000 vehicles at zero markup provided to youth


  1. 350,000 families employed


  1. 20,000 motor cabs provided to youth


  1. Apna Rozgar Scheme to provide transport and employment opportunities, with 10% additional quota for South Punjab to provide PKR 800/month allowance for each special child


  1. Provincial Taskforce on Human Rights for implementation and monitoring of Chief Minister’s Special Package for Minorities


  1. Minorities Development Fund (MDF) for improve minority communities


Sports and Youth


  1. 480% increase in the sports budget


  1. PKR 1.3B Endowment Fund for 6000 high performing athletes


  1. 280 Sports facilities at a cost of PKR 15B set up


  1. 10,000 beneficiaries of the Punjab Youth Internship Program


  1. Swimming Pool and Tennis Complex commensurate to international standards set up