Health Projects

Sr. Project Name Sector
1 Upgradation of District Headquarter Hospital (DHQ) Health
2 Establishment of Hepatitis Clinic at DHQ Attock Health
3 Installation of CT Scan Machine at DHQ Attock Health
4 Establishment of Pathology Lab at DHQ Attock Health
5 Establishment of Family Planning Unit at Tehsil Headquarter Hospital (THQ) Pindi Gheb Health
6 Establishment of Family Planning Unit at THQ Fateh Jang Health
7 Establishment of Family Planning Unit at THQ Hazro Health
8 Establishment of Residential Buildings at THQ Hazro Health
9 Revamp of Rural Health Unit at Hazro Health
10 Revamp of Basic Health Unit at Nilhad, Pindi Gheb Health
11 Upgradation of THQ and Basic Health Unit Ghorghushti, and upgradation of Basic Health Unit at Khunda. Health
12 Free provision of Quality Medicines Health
13 Amazing facility of "Mehfooz Maa" Ambulance Service for pregnant women Health
14 Facility of Mobile Health Unit Health
15 Establishment of Six Rescue 1122 centers Health
16 Plenty of more splendid Health projects are in completion phase Health
20 Provision of Basic facilities at Government College for Women at Hazro. Health
45 Health projects of more than 3 Billion Rupees, notable among which is the upgradation of District Headquarter Hospital (DHQ) Bahawalnagar. Health
50 Health projects of more than 17 Billion Rupees, notable among which is the completion of Civil Hospital Bahawalpur consisting of 410 Beds, at the cost of 2 Billion 80 Crore Rupees. Health
55 Health projects of more than 32 Crore, 62 Lakh Rupees, notable among which is the upgradation of District Headquarter Hospital (DHQ) Bhakkar, from the cost of 25 Crore Rupees. Health
60 Establishment of 27 Basic Health Units providing 24/7 services. Health
61 Establishment of 32 oral therapy sites for treating ill-nourished Children Health
62 Launching of 1034 free ambulance services for free delivery of SAM children and children suffering from Pneumonia & Diarrhea. Health
63 Vaccination of 61200 under 5 year children of Dist. By NIDs & SNIDs. Health
64 Improvement of EPI Vaccination. Health
65 Provision of Quality Medicine in each health Facility. Health
66 Revamping of THQ hospital. Health
67 Provision of Ultrasound Machine at BHU for best quality Antenatal services. Health
68 7 out of 10 RHCs will be equipped with color Doppler Ultrasound till March. Health
70 Establishment of THQ Hospital Khar, Fort Munro. Health
71 Establishment of Trauma Centre at THQ hospital Taunsa. Health
72 Up-gradation of RHC KotChutta into THQ level. Health
73 Up-gradation of BHU kala into RHC Level. Health
163 Upgradation of DHQ Hospital, DGKhan. Health
164 Establishment of Medical College, D.G. Khan. Health
165 Up-gradation of RHC Kot Chuhtta to THQ Level, D.G Khan. Health
166 Provision of missing infrastructure in DHQs abd THQs in Punjab. (District Dera Ghazi Khan). Health
167 Establishment of Trauma Center at THQ Taunsa, D.G Khan. Health
200 Tehsil Headquarter Hospital Kot Radha Kishan. (60beds) Health
201 Aziz Bibi Hospital Roshan Bheela.(40beds) Health
202 Up-Gradation of Dist. Headquarter Hospital Kasur. Health
203 Cardiac Centre Chunian. Health
204 Establishment of Rescue 1122 Services: Phool Nagar, Chunian, Kot Radha Kishan, Mustafabad, khudian, Ellahabad. Health
205 Hepatitis Prevention & Treatment Clinic. Health
226 Establishment of Latest Hospital & Trauma Center, FatehPur. Health
227 Establishment of children ward at DHQ Hospital, Liyyah. Health
228 Establishment of PCR Laboratory at DHQ Hospital, Layyah. Health
229 Revamping of DHQ Hospital Liyyah . Health
303 Children Hospital Multan: (Capacity: 300 Beds) Health
304 • Establishment of Govt. Shehbaz Sharif Dist. Headquarter Hospital (Capacity: 181 Beds) Health
305 Expansion of Capacity at Children hospital, Multan . Health
306 Establishment of cold Chain Medicine Storage Unit Health
307 Establishment of Drug testing Centre Health
308 Provision of 150 more Dialysis machine to Kidney Centre Health
309 Provision of 100% free medicines to Patients. Health
310 Improvement in various dept. e.g. Radiology and Laboratory Health
311 Establishment of burn center at Nishter Hospital having capacity of 72 Beds. Health
312 Establishment of MIKD for Kidney Diseases with capacity of 150 Beds Health
313 Establishment of Reginal Blood center, Multan Health
413 Construction of DHQ Hospital Lodhran (125Beds) Health
414 Construction of Trauma Center Health
415 Expansion of 40 beds at THQ Hospital kahrorPaka Health
416 Construction of Shehbaz Sharif Emergency Unit DHQ, Lodhran (On-goin) Health
462 Upgradation of 250 – bedded DHQ Hospital Toba Tek Singh Health
463 Revamping of DHQ Hospital Toba Tek Singh and THQ Hospital Gojra Health
464 Establishment of Rural Health Center Mongi Bangla, Gojra Health
465 Establishment of 70 Basic Health Units Health
466 Establishment of 9 Rural Health Centers. Health
467 Construction of Dialysis Unit in THQ Hospital Kamalia Health
468 Construction of 10-bedded Emergency Block in THQ Hospital Kamalia Health
469 Construction of 20-bedded THQ Hospital Pir Mahal Health
470 Construction of Rescue 1122 in Gojra Health
471 Construction of Rescue 1122 in Kamalia Health
472 Construction of Rescue 1122 in Pir Mahal Health
570 Provision of 24 C.T. Scan Machines to D.H.Q. Vehari Health
571 DHQ Vehari, Building Construction Cost Health
572 Establishment of kidney Center at DHQ, Vehari Health
573 Establishment of hepatitis Clinic. Health
574 Building for PKLI. (under-Construction/ On-going) Health
575 Construction of a new Block at THQ, BureWala Health
576 Establishment of CCU at THQ, Burewala & Malsi Health
577 Upgradation of THQ, Malsi Health
578 Construction of Dialysis Unit Block at THQ, Malsi Health
579 Upgradation of 74 basic Health Units Health
580 Establishment of 14 Rural healthcare Centers Health
581 Establishment of Rescue 1122, Malsi Health
582 Establishment of Blood bank at DHQ Health
683 Health projects of more than 64 Crore, 86 Lakh Rupees, notable among which is the establishment of state of the art Trauma Center in Kallar Kahar, from the cost of 26 Crore Rupees. Health
687 Revamp of District Headquarter Hospital (DHQ) Chiniot Health
691 Health projects of more than 7 Billion, 55 Crore Rupees. Prominent among it is the upgradation of 17 hospitals in whole district, from the cost of 4 Billion 2 Crore Rupees. Health
696 Health projects of more than 4 Billion, 88 Crore and 16 Lakh Rupees. Prominent among it is the upgradation of Teaching Hospital of District Headquarter Hospital (DHQ) Gujranwala, from the cost of 2 Billion, 41 Crore and 60 Lakh Rupees. Health